Corporate culture as a driver of development

I understand the concept of company culture as the “soul” that has been molded collaboratively between the people who make it up in the present, and who at some point did so in the past and left their fingerprint.

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Conscious consumption, sustainability and branding

Consumers and manufacturers are therefore increasingly confronted with this issue and it is clear that consumption habits will change significantly in the coming years.

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Renewal in the dating market : An overview of initiatives

The elderly, students and families were central to discussions around the negative impacts of the pandemic. However, there was one category that represents 20% of the population which was hardly…

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Creativity, adaptation and online methodologies

If you are reading this, you’ll know that Creativity is driven by impulse and talent. Our creative potential is determined by our inner world which makes it predominately a subjective…

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What if health commitments could also be a brand opportunity?

It’s been a year since we’ve been dancing to the coronavirus tune. And this pandemic has changed our life, our relationship to brands and forced us to adapt. So,  you…

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Simplicity or Chaos, that is the question

  Who said that the future would be a walk in the park? Get on Twitter to see what we’re up against: messages galore, contradictory opinions and the evergreen “don´t…

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Three key factors for brands in 2021

As we start 2021, we can only hope they’ll be some improvement on 2020, a year of crisis. Every year, we resolve to improve on what went wrong in the…

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? Open Podcast – How blockchain technology can help boost loyalty?

See you today for a new episode of our Open Podcast dedicated to blockchain opportunities! ? Click here to discover the podcast! ?  Enjoy listening!   Keywords : branding agency,…

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Less is More, on the design side

Optimising with renewed gusto   To embrace the truth is to reduce the packaging to its absolute basics.  It entails embracing a transparent moral value which surpasses all marketing speeches.…

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Eco-design or the ambition of nature

What appeared to be an option ten years ago is now an obvious societal choice. The environmental responsibility needed for the planet and consumers means that we are rethinking our…

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Seeking new narratives for tomorrow

While confinement has accelerated the creation of new narratives, it’s time to reinvent those of tomorrow. These times of crisis have been marked by the reign of uncertainty. Uncertainty as…

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eco design
Eco-design; reconnecting with our planet!

Global awareness is shaking up global industrial production. Eco-responsibility is a reality that is forcing brands to react quickly and become actors of this revolution.   Taking care of waste…

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