Creativity, adaptation and online methodologies

Creativity, adaptation and online methodologies

If you are reading this, you’ll know that Creativity is driven by impulse and talent. Our creative potential is determined by our inner world which makes it predominately a subjective and intuitive experience.

It’s a cognitive ability to find connections, rules, and patterns to foster new ideas and possibilities. These go hand in hand with Innovation, which turns these ideas into a viable and useful reality.

Seen through a historical lens, creativity has been viewed as a solitary activity. In reality, creativity and innovation are the product of teamwork. Socializing and surrounding yourself with diverse people enriches the creative processes. And despite the current situation, Logic Design Barcelona has launched “Test and Learn”.

Raise your hand if you have learned to use new online tools in the last 12 months??‍♀️ It’s a bit of an achievement and congratulations are in order, here’s why. In normal circumstances learning new methodologies and software is hard,  but in the current situation it’s really problematic.

Prior to last year, most of us were familiar with tools and social networks such as Visual Diaries and WhatsApp. However, what we didn’t foresee was that all our internal and professional communications would depend on them.

We have carefully evaluated those work tools to maximise our agility and effectiveness. For client and employee co-creation Workshops we use Miro and Mural. They are the right tools for implementing our Open Pilot process. These keep the design creativity standards high by using collective and interactive murals that everybody can access from different places (mostly from home).

Sometimes we have used Google Jamboard, where “boards” are created and participants can simply stick Post-it notes. At the same time, we use Zoom to communicate amongst ourselves.

We have run workshops during the confinement and after with clients such as Juvé & Camps and Lactalis on a complimentary basis. Improving and finding the winning ideas and innovation strategies has been made possible with these tools.

Click here to watch our “video workshop

We shouldn’t forget Kahoot or Mentimeter, which allow us to visualize data in real-time; great tools for timely feedback from meetings and events.

Amongst many of last year’s challenges, our creative process has been put to the test. However, it has proved adaptable, giving us the ability to test, learn and provide effective solutions.

At Logic Design we believe in the importance of sharing the methodologies that work for us and how interactions with a diverse group of people can enrich the creative process.

Finding creative ways of working remotely is part of the creative process!


Teresa González, Client Manager at Logic Design Barcelona.


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