Silver Agers, connected to push the envelope!

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Silver Agers, connected to push the envelope!

Start-ups and large companies use IoT to develop a number of innovations that simplify the daily lives of our Silver Agers allowing them to stay connected to their surrounding reality. Vincent Viard, head of the agency’s Structural Design Department, deciphers the latest trends in connected objects designed to meet the needs of Silver Agers.


Keeping mobile

Japan has the largest aging population in the world today. It is investing heavily in the design of robots and technological objects making life easier for our seniors. Among the amazing products, Fujitsu is rethinking the cane for the elderly with the New Generation Cane. Equipped with a GPS, WiFi & Bluetooth connections as well as electronic sensors, it monitors and transmits health related data on a small screen.

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Allowing risk-free autonomy

Living apart should not be synonymous with worry and loss of autonomy. The SilverLoop is a connected bracelet able to send emergency calls, listen and speak thanks to its built-in speaker and microphone. With this bracelet, Silver Agers remain in control of their everyday lives (Product developed by Vincent Viard, head of the agency’s Structural Design Department).


 Increasing physical capacities

With bodies mutating, bio-technologies allow us to compensate for the anatomical evolutions of Silver Agers. For example, Superflex Aura Powered connected clothing increases individual muscular capacities. This technology was initially developed to relieve soldiers carrying heavy loads during missions.  Superflex acts like a second skin providing backup muscles in strategic places (torso, hips, back, thighs …) to help seniors carry out basic but fundamental movements such as getting up or sitting down without pain or effort.


Maintaining a social bond

The sharing of information, photos, videos today is mainly done via social networks. Unlike the younger Boomers, Silver Agers are still mostly out of the loop. To stay connected with loved ones and maintain intergenerational communication, Familink (AsWeShare) has developed a connected picture frame. It gives the possibility of sharing messages and images sent via WhatsApp.




Brands have well grasped the needs of extending autonomy, mobility, independence and enhancing social ties for Silver Agers. This leads brand to rethink existing products and create game changing products in the overall context of an aging population.

Thanks to smart & user-centric technology, the “Augmented Silver Ager” can break conventions and clichés.


Vincent Viard, structural design manager


Interested in such projects? Be aware that the agency has a Structural Design Department that can support you in the creation and design of connected products. Contact us!

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