Are creative profiles endangered species? 

Are creative profiles endangered species? 

In marketing, we analyze different types of data to have a better understanding of markets and consumers. We have got used to implementing tools that not only are able to infer consumer behaviour patterns and market trends, but also provide strategic suggestions based on their predictions. 


Recent technological developments are making it increasingly possible to replace people by machines. As a matter of fact, some apps are already taking real people’s places, completing tasks we never thought they could.  


Although tasks such as market research or media planning may seem likely to be performed by artificial intelligence in a near future, it is still hard to imagine a machine doing a designer’s or a copywriter’s jobs, isn’t it?


All this may sound like science fiction but the fact is there already are apps that can generate content with minimal human input and the result is so convincing it seems it was created by a real person. It is difficult to have a clear idea of how far the creative capacity of these apps can go since they are used for diverse purposes, from writing news items for media to producing viral videos for Facebook.


In any event, it will take some time before apps can entirely develop creative pieces, but it can be useful to start looking at this trend closely since it will most likely bring great changes in the creative field.


Bernat Saiz
Junior Creative Strategist at Logic Design Barcelona
(June 2019). News. IPMARK. Number 860, p.19



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