Food Revolution #Mix’n’match

Food Revolution #Mix’n’match

March is the month of the Food Revolution at Logic Design!

Trend n°2 #Mix’n’match


Directly inspired by fashion and design, the mix n’ match trend offers a real culinary experience…

… full of surprises

The recipes and ingredients are infinite sources of tastes and experimentations that particularly motivate the youngest “foodies”. Revisited versions of traditional dishes, discovery of new products (insects, exotic food…), the Millenials are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone and are more adventurous in their food choices. They like to try new ingredients and new associations. Beyond the taste, a dish has to offer the consumers a full sensorial experience.

… made to be shared

The change of the culinary landscape is a result of the development of social media that display on a large scale new ways of consuming and cooking. These new channels of communication, with the importance of the visual effect, have given birth to a real “foodie” culture. It is not rare anymore to see the consumers expose the content of their plates or the result of their cooking on social media. The expression “we eat with our eyes” has never been so true…


Micro trend created from the global study on “Food Revolution” lead by Logic Design. Conference and presentation of the conclusion on March 20th. For more informations, contact Clémence Lejeune, Communications Manager :

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