Prospective Narrative – Marseille 2099

Prospective Narrative – Marseille 2099

At the dawn of the 22nd century, when the natural causes of death have been eradicated through advances in medicine and science, the legislative framework for the end-of-life modalities is debated.  In 2099 the Parliament and the Ethics Council voted for the Longevity Law in France. This allows people to choose the moment and the ending their natural life: configuration of second life settings, digitization of consciousness and permanent deletion, are all choices left to French citizens. These decisions divide as much as they unite …


The City of Marseille Métropole,  June Newsletter

For the attention of the inhabitants of Marseille Métropole.

Dear Marseillaises, Marseillais and friends from the south.


Following the Parliament and Ethics Council vote of the Longevity Law, we decided to focus on innovation and tolerance as the themes for the beginning of the school term by launching the TCTF project. This stands for The Cultural Technology Fellowship  which is funded by our region and patrons, for whom we’re very grateful.

The major construction works for this new site are near the Saint-Charles Station and work begins this week.  It’s the first time that in France  such diverse cultural and ethical sensibilities are brought together in the same place. Marseille is a great city because it’s a multi-coloured, multi-cultural canvas,  the embodiment of tolerance. This new TCTF space embodies the idea of cohabitation, meeting and exchanging ideas.

Code Reset enthusiasts can set and programme their second life. They will have on-site access to one of the largest Mattel humanoid libraries in the world to create a new body envelope, according to their convictions, affinities, physical characteristics and identity. The space is equipped with the Phaïdon Cultural Institute which means the MattelTech allows you to define your ethnic, historical and cultural background and your language skills. For anyone looking to reinvent themselves, you’ve come to the right place-  you’re in Marseille.

The Teneos will not be side-lined. For all those who want to transcend the tangible limits of the physical body, we are opening the iMind Cloud in partnership with Apple. The iMind Cloud allows people to merge with the digital world and morph with the  internet.  It will be a cocoon for Marseille’s people by transcending the human condition. It provides the opportunity to become a digital being that can exist and navigate freely on the web. Orange’s new 9G + coverage will allow iMind to be accessible from the most remote areas of the world.

There will of course be a Genius Bar for advice and appointments and to the left an   iMind Map. This identifies and offers a data-visualization of all digital identity consciousness. The digital future is also Made in Marseille.

Supporters of the Departure Movement will also be heard and can rest in peace at Deezer Necropolis Hall. Supporters of the Departure culture who have achieved total fulfilment and lived life to the fullest, can depart with a light heart. At Deezer Necropolis Hall, they can leave a little something behind so that loved ones can pray and memories can stand the test of time. Before choosing the date and time of your ending, take a moment to set up your space at DNH. This allows you recount your memories, play your favourite songs and share your best photos and videos…it’s a digital memorial. Each one is linked to a social network of subscribers allowing you to send content updates. An Interflora Botanical Café, space is also at your disposal at the heart of DNH to make your time and recollections more enjoyable.


We are therefore inaugurating this new location next spring in the heart of a new sanitized and upgraded Station District. Indeed, we will try to eradicate the trafficking of drugs that have recently been reported near the station. We remind you that the consumption of seizure pills and atrophic powders is not authorized in France. In the name of nostalgia some countries have legislated in favour of these psychotropic drugs. There is a duty to remember a time when science had not eradicated disease. However, the marketing and consumption of such substances remains strictly prohibited and severely punished.


Dear Marseillaises, Marseillais and dear friends of my region,

Count on my determination to make Marseille a more dynamic, innovative city and of course, ever more eternal …



Charles Ouviro, Mayor of Marseille



Article co-authored by Marc Beaudeaux and Kim Hartmann.

Co-imagined by Marc Beaudeaux, Alexandre Galerne, Delphine Lami, Kim Hartmann & Marc-Etienne Rigaud

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