Sara Perez, Art Director

Sara Perez, Art Director


Logic Design is first and foremost a team. Each month, we shine a light on one member of the #LogicTeam and introduce you to the people behind the scenes. Today, we present Sara Pérez, Designer in Barcelona.

There are many adjectives to describe our young Art Designer Sara, and all of them are Positive ones!

Let’s know her through her life experience and her career path: Sara’s artistic restlessness gave her the motivation to complete her Advertising and PR university studies by passing a master’s degree on Graphic Design. She discovered her passion and got the calling for Art Direction. She decided to start working hand in hand with clients in a Branding Agency located in Barcelona. “It was a constant and intensive learning”.

Her continual curiosity to explore and experiment invited Sara to launch a new professional and personal adventure. Under these premises she decided to travel to Australia, Melbourne. While studying she had also developed a Branding project in the retail sector. It was a super experience! The adventure continues in 2018 in Barcelona, when Sara came back to her native land and joined Logic Design!



When asking Sara what does she likes the most while working at Logic Design she answered: “I enjoy very much with the first contact with a project. The moment of receiving the creative brief it opens a new paradigm … a new challenge! Does not matter if it comes from a new client or a current one because the project is never going to be the same as another one made before. So I start the engine and I begin to generate ideas … At this point of the process everything is possible, there are not good or bad ideas, the point is just to explore, to investigate, to connect concepts … it is about letting the imagination fly and after that you will find the good landing”.

I asked Sara to share with us a funny anecdote and she laughs because something comes quickly to her mind: “I remember what happened with éclair the perfumery brand from our current client Tramuntana. It was about a re-branding project in which the objective was to create a Naming proposal. Initially we thought of “Maris”, a proposal reminiscent of this company’s matriarch name. A name full of history, strength, overcoming … It was the winning horse in that presentation! What should have been the epic and emotive moment in the meeting it became a situation of tension, grimaces and laughter … the chosen name was not the right name of the matriarch … I thought in a laughter oh please Earth swallows me.

Finally, we managed to redirect the situation and the second naming proposal fit them perfectly”.


                                                         Sara Pérez & Teresa González, Logic Design Barcelona




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