Logic Design participates in Nestlé’s “Accelerator” project

It’s been two years since the Nestlé Group has hosted an Accelerator unit within its R&D department. This brings together scientists, students and start-ups to advance science and technology. The…

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Laura Bénéteau de Laprairie, Project Manager

Logic Design is first and foremost a team. On a monthly basis we shine a light on a member of #TeamLogic to present the people behind the scenes. Today we…

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The confinement is over… now what ?

Faced with an unprecedented situation, a space for sharing was created. Each week, one of our employees expressed his or her thoughts and feelings. Today, the first interviewee,

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be bold
A look back at the Be Bold Conference!

On Tuesday March 3 the Logic Design teams welcomed more than fifty people to the legendary Bains Douches for our Be Bold conference!   "Today, businesses are the institutions that…

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GUIGOZ®: a new brand experience with Logic Design!

« GUIGOZ® strives daily for baby’s well-being ». This French brand, an established player in the infant milk category reached out to Logic Design for help. Using a collaborative method…

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change for good
Relive the conference Change for good!

Relive our conférence Change for good: sustainable commitment, driver of brands transformation, in association with the media L’ADN.   Sustainable growth and employee motivation driver, commitment is a burning and…

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DIAMBAAR: How street sellers are entering the fashion game

In 2018, we took great pride in our collaboration with Diomcoop a cooperative founded and managed by 15 street sellers in Barcelona. Logic Design Barcelona and Diomcoop co-created Diambaar, an…

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3 weeks to innovate: challenge accepted

To seduce the demanding target that are millennials, Maggi asked Logic Design to elaborate a new product especially created for them. With consumers, experts and designers, we developed an innovative…

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Learn to work together

Companies are living a complete paradigm shift: the era of the unidimensional man, according to Herbert Marcuse (1964), is over. Today, modern terms describe this situation as VUCA environments: volatility,…

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Logic Design lands in Switzerland

Logic Design’s growth dynamic goes on. The successive openings of agencies in Warsaw, then in Barcelona, and now in Lausanne, shows the relevance of the collaborative model we promote in…

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Me, my packaging and I

We are living in a hyper-narcissistic era when the staging of oneself finds its fullest expression in the sharing of one’s private life on social networks. Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and…

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Mousline once again top spud with Logic Design

The iconic Mousline brand has undergone a revamp to boost its appeal. Logic Design has completely redesigned its branding and package architecture to enhance the uniqueness of its offer. Despite…

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