A look back at the Be Bold Conference!

be bold

A look back at the Be Bold Conference!

On Tuesday March 3 the Logic Design teams welcomed more than fifty people to the legendary Bains Douches for our Be Bold conference!


“Today, businesses are the institutions that the French people trust the most,” said Kim Hartmann, Head of Strategic Planning at Logic Design from the outset. Therefore, companies have a real role to play in society. However, in this digital age  information travels at lightning speed across borders and the slightest misstep can be difficult to recover from…


How can brands leverage their beliefs to create value?

During this morning debate, Kim Hartmann, shared the 5 keys to take a stand, engage in the debate and most importantly of all, be an actor of change.

“At a time when whistleblowing is just a click away, only brands that put their whistleblowing in the service of change will find real added value. Remember, actions count more than words. More than ever, brands must fight a fight that is coherent with their business strategy, the raison d’être of their brand, but also according to their ability to create and effect real change. Kim Hartmann, Head of Strategic Planning – Logic Design

be bold

Christine Cabon (Communication leader for Gillette and Venus), Jean Moreau (Co-founder of Phenix) and Marie Durant Yamamoto (Founder of La Petite Bite) then continued the debate, accompanied by Sarah Sabibo, journalist for ADN.


“Today not engaging means no longer choosing customers or being aligned with the people we want to talk to because we are perceived as empty shells. We don’t speak the same language, we don’t share the same values. From the moment your audience takes the upper hand , it becomes complicated. »Marie Durant Yamamoto (founder of La Petite Bite).

be bold


The takeaway from this morning:


Above all, know your target (s) 

– Define, choose, give up, adapt: ​​we can’t please everyone!

– Understand and share the belief systems, unifying myths, codes and languages


But also, dare to be (im) pertinent

– To have convictions in line with its raison d’être rather than a moralizing thought

– Acting for change, transformation

– Act with good timing, neither too early nor too late


Without forgetting to stay true to yourself …

– Be authentic to stay legitimate

– Stay true to yourself to maintain your audience’s trust


Brands have a real role to play in society’s progress and plenty to gain as long as they are consistent in their commitment whilst remaining relevant!

be bold

The debate continues on social networks, with #BeBold!


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