Relive the conference Change for good!

change for good

Relive the conference Change for good!

Relive our conférence Change for good: sustainable commitment, driver of brands transformation, in association with the media L’ADN.


Sustainable growth and employee motivation driver, commitment is a burning and challenging topic. We had the confirmation last Thursday 13th June, when a hundred people came early in the morning to shift position lines and share best practices about sustainable change.

Marches for climate, ecological emergencies, new economic models, news distribution channels, a wind of change is blowing… and will sweep it all! In order to survive, brands are required to commit in a sustainable way. But how to do it in practical terms? That is the question Kim Hartmann and Sophie Romet, respectively strategic planner and director at Logic Design, will try to answer.


While we are going through a crisis of confidence, brands have to bare the responsibility of impulsing and embodying change. Our strategic team revealed the results of the study they completed on the matter. Through the analysis of interviews and best practices, they showed how we can reconcile environmental and social performance and economic performance.


Guillaume Desnoës, co-founder of Alenvi, and Arnaud Herrmann, Director of Sustainable Development at Accor, honoured us with their presence and shared their experience during the following debate, lead by Nastasia Hadjadji, journalist at the media L’ADN. They gladly answered the (numerous) questions of the audience: an inspiring moment!


The conference ended on a moment for discussion and exchange, gathered around a sumptuous breakfast made by local producers. An enriching morning, filled with debates and key learnings, that shows a true will to take actions.


What caught our attention


The 7 commands of commitment

#1 Think outside the (legal) box
#2 Reconnect with your why
#3 A commitment strategy can lead a corporate transformation project
#4 Rethink our model
#5 Give yourself the (new) means
#6 Engage your audiences
#7 Make it happen also inside the company


The 3 pillars of sustainable commitment


1/ Define your brand project (of commitment)

  • Reconnect to your why and challenge it
  • Write your project, your ambition and your KPIs
  • Include commitment in a corporate project backed by the top management, shared and embodied by all the employees


2/ Challenge the existing strategy

  • Define your transformation strategy
  • Draw up a status report and make a diagnosis of the work that needs to be done
  • Establish a road map and define the priorities and major steps


3/ Take real actions

  • Impulse a shift inside the company
  • Facilitate meaning-based innovation
  • Engage your audiences and stakeholders



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