Laura Bénéteau de Laprairie, Project Manager

Laura Bénéteau de Laprairie, Project Manager

Logic Design is first and foremost a team. On a monthly basis we shine a light on a member of #TeamLogic to present the people behind the scenes. Today we present Laura Bénéteau de Laprairie, a Project Manager at the agency.


“It’s crazy to think I arrived in 2013”. That’s Laura, our Project Manager to a tee. With her outspokenness and her people skills, she tells me about her career, passions and the challenges she faces.


After her double Masters Degree in advertising and international trade, our young student joined the agency for her end-of-year internship: “I started working for a well-known retail brand with more than 300 products to manage, a real challenge! I was immediately put in at the deep end with real projects and responsibilities “.


Laura decided to continue the Logic Design adventure following this first positive experience. Every two to three years, she changes business unit, clients, projects, budgets …  boredom doesn’t come into it! Laura knows how to adapt and quickly understand the environment in which she operates. A strength that will come in handy a few years later!


Indeed, barely 30 years old, Logic Design offers her a new opportunity: commercial development and the implementation of new work processes at our Swiss agency. A difficult challenge that she accepts with determination: “It’s a great experience, but until you live it, you are not prepared for it. Although Switzerland and France are neighbours the cultural differences are there. The working methods and customer expectations are totally different. For example, in Switzerland the family has an important place and this is reflected in brand communications. “


However, for this travel fanatic, adaptation is what it’s all about! In no time at all, she’s worked out the small town of Lausanne and meets new people “Of course in times of Covid it’s a little tricky, but what makes me tick is the music, the festivals and the bars that have open mics. And Lausanne is a very dynamic city from that point of view! “.


Living in Lausanne is like living in a neighbourhood where everyone knows each other. Laura has only been here a few months, yet she occasionally gets recognized in the street and

let’s face it, that’s unlikely to happen in Paris!


But she’s not fazed by that, far from it, because she’s a people person “Whether at the agency or in my personal life, I’m the same person! Basically,  to have good client relationships you have to be true to yourself and honest. It reassures our clients. They know, we are there for them.”


Despite Covid, the cultural differences and a home-hunting nightmare, Laura remains enthusiastic. Like us all, she doesn’t know what tomorrow will be made of,  but she keeps a smile on her face.  Her mission is to carry on helping her colleagues and clients at the agency, through remote working in Paris, Lausanne…… or elsewhere!


Clémence Lejeune, Communication Manager


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