Companies are living a complete paradigm shift: the era of the unidimensional man, according to Herbert Marcuse (1964), is over. Today, modern terms describe this situation as VUCA environments: volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity.We witness continuous changes, often vertiginous, that put us in a really complex situation that forces us to constantly change strategies, be more attentive, more informed, more foresighted and increase our capacity to react quickly.Brands live first-hand this great revolution. The era of digitalization has allowed the creation of brands that have challenged the rules of the game, reinterpreted conventional business models and achieved success in a very short time.Beyond segmentation, we must understand the experiences of people in this changing moment. Not only the new generations that have been born with these completely different patterns of behavior, but also the older ones who have mutated with the implementation of technology in their daily life and have a different vision of it.Brands must be multifaceted and show their commitment. It is useless to try to convince: it is now all about conversation vs. affirmation, understanding vs. ego.

We must change the way we think, the way we understand marketing, the way we create products and services. We have to design authentic brands, brands that have a clear purpose and that behave with transparency and honesty.

In short, for those of us who work on brand management, we cannot think or behave in the same way as we used to. We must do it as a team, collaboratively. We must be closer to people and more open to continue evolving. “Open Up Together”

Dani Muñoz
CEO de Logic Design Barcelona

(Junio 2018). Píldoras de branding concentrado. IPMARK. Número 849, p. 70.