Logic Design participates in Nestlé’s “Accelerator” project

Logic Design participates in Nestlé’s “Accelerator” project

It’s been two years since the Nestlé Group has hosted an Accelerator unit within its R&D department. This brings together scientists, students and start-ups to advance science and technology. The mission ? Accelerate the development of innovative products and systems thanks to multidisciplinary teams.


The Accelerator team recently contacted our Lausanne team to develop the design of a dietary supplement that stimulates motivation called Motive.e and me. Using the agile method, the objective was to develop a brand in a reduced timeframe and launch in less than 6 months.


To successfully complete this challenge, our creative teams imagined a concept which was brought it to life on the packaging. This was done in collaboration with the Nestlé teams in record time!


This “Motive.e and me” innovation was launched on the French market in April and is available in pharmacies and at Monoprix.


Discover the on-shelf result!

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