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Create the products and experiences of tomorrow

In an increasingly competitive environment, innovation is the main means by which a brand can embody its promise and positioning and change for the better so as to create enduring value and keep the customer experience fresh. 

Developing an innovation programme gives structure to the process and places it centre-stage in terms of the brand’s concerns. 

Collective intelligence significantly boosts the effectiveness of this innovation process.

Involving, consulting with and combining a wide array of skills, expertise and profiles will enhance a task force’s scope for understanding, discussion, decision-making and action when grappling with a specific complex situation.

That’s why, at Logic Design, we turn your innovation projects into fully-fledged collaborative projects. With that in mind, we strive to:
  • seek out new game-changing perspectives
  • inspire the team with interviews with experts so that we can take sharper, more precise visions on board
  • better understand users by identifying their needs, analysing the cultural differences between markets and including these in our work processes to improve detection of weak signals
  • organise multidisciplinary work sessions (marketing, R&D, finance, sales, HR, design, strategy, etc.) to enable greater

Flux de marque

Flux de marque

  • Develop a virtuous circle between brand and innovation
  • Thanks to design thinking, break down silos and connect up skills
  • Rally all of your talents round an innovative challenge
  • Turn your ideas into tangible results
  • Promote agility through an iterative process
  • Optimise your time-to-market

Accelerate thanks
to our Open Lab

Sketches, prototype, mock-ups, 3D printing… whether you’re a start-up, SME or a large corporation, we have developed an innovative ecosystem to enable you to put your ideas into practice as swiftly as possible.

It is more particularly in our Open Lab, a hybrid space dedicated to collaboration, materialisation and iteration, that we turn good ideas into viable and innovative products, services and experiences. For an optimised time-to-market. 

Materialising our concepts enables us not only to visualise and grasp them more clearly but also to check the technical and technological feasibility of these innovative solutions, and improve them where applicable. 

This agile approach is rounded off by the organisation of iterative workshops with consumers, thanks to which we can enhance, clarify and fine-tune through test & learn stages.

Our offering

Co-design workshops
Innovation pipelines and platforms
Consumer research and validation
Shopper experience

Inspired by design thinking, the Open-Pilot approach is a collaborative process for tackling all your innovation challenges: from the search for innovation platforms to the clarification of your range architecture and the definition of a new product or concept.

Thanks to end-to-end methods which break down silos and provide an agile working environment conducive to innovation, we offer a shorter development time and bold solutions.

3D modelling
3D image production
Prototyping and mock-ups
Industrial follow-up and press proof document

Product design is one of the ways in which a brand can embody its positioning through a distinctive offering.

Working from a basic, quickly sketched-out idea or concept, the multidisciplinary team of engineers, project managers, product and graphic designers craft your product range’s user experience.

3D modelling
3D image production
Prototyping and mock-ups
Industrial follow-up and press proof document

During the test & learn stages, our designers do rough drafts or sketches of innovative solutions before developing models and prototypes of the most relevant ideas.

We create our first mock-ups at our Lab, which is equipped with 3D printers. The aim is to test out the overall user-friendliness (shape, grip, etc.) and merits of the product as well as its technical and technological validity.

You can get involved in developing innovative projects too, with less risk thanks to the production of mini-series, prototypes and the guidance of our dedicated experts!

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