Do you need to better understand your audiences? To analyse weak signals to stay one step ahead? To improve and refine the understanding of your ecosystem using new, varied and informed points of view?

Do you want to better combine insight and design to avoid diluting information throughout a project? To make best use of the insights identified, whether to reposition yourself, re-segment your offer or even innovate? To use insight as an exploration tool, to open up the field of possibilities, but also as a validation lever, to back up a direction taken?

Do you want to align the desired brand and the perceived brand, i.e. identify and correct any distortions between your storytelling, with the messages you promote, and what your target really sees? To understand what are the most impactful, meaningful codes to use on your touchpoints to bring your target on board?

We combine insight and design to gain sensitivity, agility and efficiency, and so achieve the best solutions. Because while there’s no good design without prior insight, the converse is also true: design thinking and production must guide the stimulation and revelation of sharp and fruitful insights. This dynamic approach of “adaptive understanding” is the foundation of our methodology.


  • In-situ ethnographic observations, online platforms, qualitative surveys, exploratory groups
  • Interviews with experts (e.g.: cooks, doctors, sociologists), colleagues (e.g.: sales reps) and other brand stakeholders (e.g.: partners, shareholders) to improve understanding of a target / issue
  • Drafting study protocols, questionnaires, interview guides and production of visual and creative stimuli, choice of tailor-made samples for each project


  • Data analysis to transform it into pragmatic, actionable results (e.g.: personas, innovation platforms, etc.)
  • Use of insights to guide the creation of brand and visual identity platforms, segmentation of product / service portfolios or even to generate innovation


  • Audit and realignment of storytelling and brand codes based on consumer perception with our Path-to-Belief® tool
  • Co-construction workshop with consumers to validate, critique and enrich a design (product concept, visual identity, packaging)
  • Design in test & learn in the sales environment for packaging or a digital interface with our Iterative Eye Tracking® tool

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